Author Claudia Oltean
Allen J Nieber, The Detroit News, Circa 1923
Another Chance to Die is historical crime fiction set in Detroit’s Prohibition-fueled Roaring Twenties. You are transported to a time of sweeping change, flappers, hot jazz, fast boats, violent gangsters and corrupt officials through the workings of a masterful crime reporter who headlined all the big stories. Based on the notes and archives of a real-life reporter for The Detroit News, Another Chance to Die is book one in the Man in the Middle series, the untold story of key events and players of that engrossing era.
A young newspaper reporter's driving passion is scooping the daily abundance of hot crime stories in Prohibition-era Detroit, where 75% of all U.S. illegal alcohol is smuggled across the river from Canada. Fearless and unrelenting, this crack newspaperman skillfully works important sources among murderous bootlegging gangsters like Al Capone and The Purple Gang as well as law enforcement and politicians, often on the take. Well known for rapid-fire questions, snap-brim hats and always being where the action is, he inhabits the risky, lawless world of Prohibition.

His dream of continually seeing his byline at the top of the front page is coming true, but at what cost to himself and those he cares about?
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Another Chance to Die by Claudia N. Oltean
Allen J. Nieber
The Detroit News
Circa 1923
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If Prohibition sparked a war between law enforcement and the rumrunners, hijackers and speakeasy operators, it created an equally intense war between Detroit’s top newspapers for dominance, spilled in ink, instead of blood.

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Another Chance to Die
Excerpt from Book One: Another Chance to Die